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Procedure of admission

A foreign citizen or the Head of the firm sends to the Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University an application-information for studies addressed to the Rector of the university. The application should contain the following information about the candidate:

?) country of residence;
b) name and surname;
c) year of birth;
d) attested copy of the certificate of secondary education with marks in all subjects;
e) name of speciality which a foreign citizen wants to get.

Documents named in items ?), b), c), d), e) are sent by post or fax.
After the Entrance examination Committee considers and pronounces a positive decision the university informs a foreign national or a firm-candidate for education about this decision.

On the request the university makes an invitation letter for candidates’ education.

After receiving an invitation the candidate should get visa at the Embassy of Ukraine. At the same time the candidate for entering V. Dahl East Ukrainian National University prepares the following documents:

a) a copy of school certificate with the transcript of the grades obtained in all the disciplines;
b) a certificate proving the absence of HIV-infection;
c) a medical health care certificate notarized by an official Health care body of the country the applicant is from and issued not later than two months before the applicant comes to Ukraine;
d) a copy of birth certificate;
e) 10 photos (size 30*40mm);
f) a return ticket with an open date of coming back to Motherland (available for one year).

Papers stated in items a), b), c), d), e), f) should be notarized in established order.

The admission of foreign nationals from foreign countries to the university is accomplished on the basis of bi- or trilateral agreements on the specially provided vacancies (a trilateral agreement is signed if a foreigner comes to receive education on behalf of an intermediary firm which has the license of the Ministry of Education for such kind of activity). The admission of foreign nationals from the countries of the CIS to the university is accomplished by the results of an interview on the grounds of bi- or trilateral agreements on the specially provided vacancies. The interview includes the curriculum of general disciplines taught at a general secondary school of Ukraine. Foreigners that do not speak the language of teaching at the university well enough are enrolled to the Department of training foreign citizens for university entering or to the language courses by their agreement and on the basis of a signed contract. At the Department of training foreigners learn not only the language but also the subjects according to the teaching plan (on the basis of the curriculum of a general secondary school of Ukraine). Foreigners that did not start their studies during 10 days from the day of their beginning without serious reasons are excluded from the university. Other questions connected with the university entering not covered above are settled by the Entrance examination Committee according to the ‘Procedure of admission to the first year of studies to the V. Dahl East-Ukrainian National University’.

Procedure of registration

For the period of studies foreign students are registered and receive a residence permit at the university dormitory. In case of renting a private flat a foreign student should conclude a treaty of renting. Then according to the legislation in force an owner of the flat sends in documents to his district department of Home affairs which gives the student a temporary registration by the given address for the period of contract validity.


How to get to the university

A foreign national or a head of a firm buys a ticket and informs us (the Centre for school-leavers’ training (both Ukrainians and foreigners) about the date of arrival (seven days before the flight) and about the number of the coming group members.

Our address:

East-Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl, vul. Vatutina, 1, building 9. Luhans’k, 91034, Ukraine.
Telephone: +38(0642)50-08-30
E-mail: ingra@snu.edu.ua

Cost of education and living

Education costs comprise 4,000 - 17,000 hryven' per year depending on form of education, training specialties and directions.

An average cost of living in the city is 100 $ USA per month. On the territory of the university campus including its structural departments there are 4 canteens for 760 people, 12 buffets for 452 people.


Providing with lodging

The university has 8 dormitories for 4000 people. The cost of living at the dormitory is 20-25 UAH per month. The fee is paid in once a year at the beginning of the academic year. Those students using personal electrical household appliances in their rooms (fridges, irons, TV sets etc.) pay in additional 4.68 UAH per month once a year. If students are not satisfied with the living conditions at the dormitory, they can rent a room or an apartment in the city. The rent price varies depending on the living conditions from 85 to 250 $ USA. You can address to numerous real estate agencies which offer these services or follow advertisements every Wednesday in the newspaper ‘Express-club’ (column ‘Renting’). If a student finds a room or an apartment, he should conclude an agreement with its owner in two duplicates in which all the conditions of living in this room or apartment will be specified. Then this agreement should be registered at the taxation institutions by the place of living of an owner.

Health and insurance

1. There is a health unit for students at the university

There are two physician’s offices and a dentist’s office. Medical service is offered for students of the university in the hospital ?10 of Luhans’k (registration office telephone: 47-22-86). The university also has a sanatorium-preventorium for 100 people.

2. Special needs

In case of need students can receive first medical aid calling 103. In case of emergency situations students can turn for help to the Central administrative board dealing with emergency cases of the Luhans’k oblast’ government, telephone numbers of a person on duty: 54-20-59, 53-33-70 and to the Central administrative board of the Emergency Situations Ministry of Luhans’k oblast’, telephone number of a person on duty: 54-45-44.

3. Insurance

Students receive compulsory medical insurance in the Medical centre ofVolodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University  or in the Embassy of Ukraine in the country from which they come. The cost of insurance is: 1) 380 UAH in the International centre of the university provided the sum is paid in at once;
2) if the sum is paid in once a month, it equals 100 $ USA;
3) 100 $ USA in the Embassy of Ukraine.



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